High Tech, High Adventure, High Intrigue

This Rogue Trader game will be accurate to the source materials, but will more closely reflect the tone of a star wars game then the grim darkness often described in Warhammer 40k books. There will still be creepy and weird stuff, along with terrifying alien threats, but rather then a pervasive fear and hopelessness the game’s protagonists will be able to pursue and achieve fortune and glory within frontier space. In addition, the politics of the game will resemble themes from a game of thrones, which naturally fits the source materials but is not overtly stated as most of the materials are just rehashes of what was written 20+ years ago, well before the first novel was written.

Assuming most player’s don’t have their own Rogue Trader rulebook, we’ll do character creation together at the first session. However, you should be familiar with the Origin Path System and have a character concept in mind.

Also, I figure its important for you guys to understand how I view the roles of the command crew, so you can use the following to help you understand the roles you’ll be expected to fill. While you can play to any style you like, its important to know what I consider the baseline so that when you deviate from it, considerations for crew morale and the way established institutions view you need to be considered.

Command Staff
Rogue Trader
Void Master
Astropath Officio Colloquium
Seneschal Tamora Officio Administratum

Senior Staff
Navigator Lavinia Officio Astronomia
Tech Priest Aerope Officio Mechanicus
Chaplain Chiron Officio Ministorum
Apothecary Æmilius Officio Narthecium
Centurion Titus Officio Arbites
Librarian Alarbus Officio Librarium

Junior Staff
Communications, Officio Colloquium
Helm Control, Officio Astronomia
Operations, Officio Administratum
Sensors, Officio Astronomia
Tactical, Officio Arbites

These staff positions are a part of the command staff, but are currently unfilled and are their replacements can be found amongst the senior staff.
Arch-Militant Officio Arbites
Explorator Officio Mechanicus
Missionary Officio Ministorum

There are eight Officio on the ship, each presided over by a particular staff position.

Officio Administratum, the bureaucracy of the ship. This officio overseas general administration, supply and resource logistics, commercial contracts and obligations, facilities operation and staffing, as well as education and training of crewmen. During combat the Operations officer manages and coordinates the efforts the different crew teams of the ship/

Officio Arbites, the law and order of the ship. This officio overseas the security personnel of the ship who are used to maintain order, investigate crimes, and punish offenders, as well as to repel boarders during combat.

Officio Astronomia, the helm control of the ship. This officio is comprised of the navigator, who overseas the piloting of the ship in warp space, and general staff who pilot and plot courses in real space, as well operate the ship’s sensors for detecting and scanning celestial bodies and other ships.

Officio Colloquium, the communications of the ship. This officio is comprised of the Astropath Transcendent, who channels psychic energy to communicate with other Astropaths light years away, and the general staff who are responsible for intra-stellar communications.

Officio Librarium, the research and science staff of the ship. This officio is comprised of the diligent scholars that study ancient texts, decrypt encoded messages, and decipher alien languages.

Officio Mechanicus, the engineering and maintenance staff of the ship. This officio overseas the general well-being of the ship’s systems and effect repairs during and after battles. They also conduct research of lost and alien technologies when found.

Officio Ministorum, the religious staff of the ship. This officio overseas the spiritual health and well-being of the ship’s crew. While ostensibly in charge of crew morale, their primary concern is the spiritual fitness of the crewmen, not their happiness.

Officio Narthecum, the medical staff of the ship. This officio is comprised of the doctors and nurses that tend to the wounded and sick of the ship. When there is nothing more to be done for a person they place the body in the care of the Officio Mechanicus so that they can be turned into a Servitor.