Centurion Titus



It makes sense for you to have hirelings, they can give you piece of mind that your ship is safe while you guys go ashore, serve as personal body guards when you want to seem impressive or deter a confrontation, and they can also allow you guys to be in two places at once during an adventure (i.e. you can hopefully just send them to complete a task instead of splitting up the party, but if you have to split up the main cast, players with characters not present can play as these guys),

It’s very likely that your fighting force will expand as you gain more resources and of all the faceless characters on the ship they’re the most likely to develop personalities as we play, as they’ll be the ones with whom you adventure with off-ship.

Centurion Titus
Legionnaire Lucius
Legionnaire Quintus
Legionnaire Martius
Legionnaire Mutius


Even the lowliest of Rogue Trader’s require an armed defense force, and possesses at least a compliment of five Planetary Defense Force (PDF) veterans. They are not as strong as Space Marines or even Imperial Guardsmen, nor are they as invulnerable, but they still serve an important purpose.
Keep in mind that even though these PDF-V’s can be killed and revived, such experiences can diminish their loyalty, so best not to risk their lives with as much reckless abandon as you would your own.

Future Casting Options
Arch-Militant: it doesn’t make sense to have one as an NPC, this character is the combat glory hog. you certainly may find use for one, but red shirts make for the best combat NPCs.

Centurion Titus

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