Seneschal Tamora

Master of Coin and Whispers


The Seneschal overseas the financial operations of the barony. Her role is a combination of book keeper, foreman, manager, and advisor.

Master of Coin

The Seneschal is responsible for overseeing the household income and expenses, presenting their summary to the Baron and prepared to answer any questions and present detailed back-up for any inquiries. The Seneschal oversees accounts receivable, ensuring that all cargo taken on board is counted, inspected, and signed for, while also overseeing accounts payable, ensuring all docking fees are paid, supplies restocked, and salaries or other payments disbursed. A Seneschal does not make decisions without the authorization to do so, and for major expenses will consult the Baron, presenting the best options she can find, and carry out his wishes once the decision is made. When in a barony possesses a fleet of multiple ships, the seneschal keeps apprised of their contracts, profits and expenses, and ensures that all money and cargo remain accounted for.

The Seneschal is responsible for finding new and lucrative opportunities for the barony, presents them to her baron, and handles as much of the logistical details that must be considered to ensure a smooth fulfillment of the contract. She also keeps apprised of local laws and customs enforcement, magisterial jurisdictions, and any bans or prohibitions so that the barony never violates any laws unknowingly. Seneschals don’t make decisions, generally speaking, they present options and handle all the details once the rogue trader has made his/her choice. This may involve some minor decision making, but its all in accordance with the directive of the baron.
So while the rogue trader negotiates the contract, for example, it is the seneschal that writes it up for signing, this way the rogue trader worries about big picture stuff and doesnt have to sweat the small details.

Master of Whispers

The Seneschal is also expected to remain one step ahead of the Baron’s enemies by seeking out alliances and maintaining a network of spies and informants. This may involve some hands on activities on the part of the seneschal, particularly when trying to contact a very remote agent.

Seneschal Tamora

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