Void Master

The Ship's Commander


While a good Void-Master is familiar with the Burdens of Command, he must realize he has a different role to play than the Rogue Trader. Whereas the Space Baron must maintain distance from his crew, the Void-Master must act as the intermediary. As a Commander he must be aware of how the crew is feeling, what they are thinking, what are their concerns, and relay this to the Baron. He is the First amongst Equals, and must speak for the crew, even when they do not know what it is they wish to say. At the same time, he must help the crew trust and remain loyal to the Baron. It is his task to address their concerns, and advise them when they have no where else to turn.

There are a multitude of ways to go about this, but the most important thing is that the Commander display competence in his duties and compassion for his crewmen. The best way to handle this is for him to carry out his responsibilities with sober discipline, but when off-duty to socialize with the crew and humanize himself. A Commander can fulfill nearly any role on a ship’s duty roster, which means that the crew can feel like he’s one of them. By taking an active leadership role, be it at the helm or a gunner’s station, it makes the crew feel confident when the Baron is consulting the Commander, the Commander can relate what it’s like to serve on the ship. It may not be a completely accurate picture, but the important thing is that the crew believes that the Commander is always on their side, and tries his best to defend and promote what is in their best interests over all else.

Void Master

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